8 Ways Handmade Jewelry is Bringing Sexy Back!

Posted by Marnie's Creations on 11th Nov 2019

8 Ways Handmade Jewelry is Bringing Sexy Back!

Catchy title right? Well, I think everyone can agree that jewelry IS sexy but what's even sexier is knowing how to get exactly what you want while making informed decisions. Asserting your independence from the mainstream market is incredibly sexy. I've made a list of some of the reasons that handmade jewelry is a good choice (and again, making good choices is sexy). I'm sure there are many more and if you can think of any I missed feel free to let me know.

1. Handmade jewelry feels good. (You can feel good about protecting the environment)

When you purchase items directly from a handmade jewelry designer no big manufacturer is running heavy equipment and the products are not moved by large trucks from place to place using fuel. It is made either in a home or studio using hand tools without electricity. This helps to reduce global warming and does not waste or contaminate natural resources.

2. Handmade jewelry improves intimacy. (You develop a connection with the designer)

When you purchase from a handmade jewelry designer you're working with a real person who takes the time to get to know you. Generally, the designer can remember details like how you prefer your jewelry to be packaging. chain sizes, etc. By forming a relationship with a jewelry designer you ensure that your jewelry is exactly what you want.

3. Each piece made is as unique as you are

Handmade jewelry is unique. The designer may be able to make similar pieces but it is nearly impossible to create two of the same items. Who doesn't want their jewelry to be one of a kind?

4. Handmade jewelry helps you to engage with art (Art is sexy!)

A handmade jewelry designer is an artist! Artists encourage innovation and help build and sustain the economy. Everything that has been created was imagined by someone. An artist's job is to create new things and hopefully encourage others to do the same.

5. You can shop for handmade jewelry while naked (if you want to that is)

Let's face it big box stores and malls are crowded. You will usually find less traffic at craft shows and art fairs or better yet, you can just stay home and shop as most handmade jewelry artists are online. When you shop online it doesn't matter how you look or what you wear. Want to shop at for jewelry at 3 am? Great! Take your time and browse. Online shops are open all night.

6. Like you, each piece of jewelry has a story and who doesn't love personal stories?

Every piece created by a handmade jewelry designer has a story. Not all designers share that story but if you're ever curious just reach out and ask. Because you're dealing with a real person they would usually be happy to tell you.

7. Good for your body - Handmade jewelry designer spend time picking materials

Jewelry touches your bare skin for long periods. When you purchase mass-produced jewelry you have no clue what materials were used or whether you'll have an allergic reaction or not. But when you purchase from a handmade jewelry designer you know exactly what you're getting because they spend time picking out the materials and making sure they have all the information on the metals and stones used to create your piece.

8. Handmade jewelry creates and sustains love. You support an actual person

When you purchase handmade jewelry you are supporting an actual person and a lot of the time, their family. You're helping someone continue to do what they love. 

Buying handmade jewelry shows how much you care about, yourself, the person you're buying for, the artist, the art community and the environment. What can be sexier than a person that cares?

That's all I have for now. Feel free to share this post if it amused you. I would love to hear your ideas on why handmade jewelry is a great choice.